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How to Start and Run a Golf Pro Shop

A golf pro shop as a form of business requires a high level of quality components while providing products that can go for affordable prices. Apart from selling products, a pro golf shop can also become a center for offering high-quality services to clients and customers. This article discusses vital steps to take to start your own Pro Golf Shop

First of all, the location of your Pro Golf Shop is very vital. You just need to find the right spot where there is enough traffic within the desired town or city. At the same time, endeavor to watch out for the prevalent business niche and the demography of that area. You also have to decide if you want to rent a spot or acquire a permanent property. Note that a very high rent may significantly increase the overhead cost of running the business and deprive you of profits.

How to Start and Run a Golf Pro Shop

How Big Should A Pro Golf Shop Be?

The question of finding a sizeable place as your pro golf shop requires a good plan including essential ingredients for running the business. It is not enough to start off the company. You must consider the needed factors to sustain the business for a long time to come. Whereas the size of the golf shop is part of the fixed capital that you need to put in place. In other words, you can maintain a minimum overhead cost and still retain a good quality of startup items. 

Therefore, when starting, you may want to consider an average size of about 1500 square feet. This size affords you a moderate space to spare for repair, a custom fitting net, and shelves for sales. To minimize your expenditure and overhead costs, you can use club racks, launch monitors, and club repair equipment. Check out some of these used items on eBay to still be in excellent condition while remaining affordable. Many shops are willing to dispose of some of these items that you need. 

How to Manage Your Inventory

Another vital part of your journey to creating the most profitable business inventory from the word ‘go’ begins with finding the exact niche where your golf products fit. You have to decide to include the name of the brand store, the top high-end component as the custom clubs, and another state you need. Each of the decisions may require different efforts before you reach a conclusion. 

In addition, you will also need to arrange soft goods, shafts and grips, and other similar items. There are companies out there willing to sell these items to you for a start, but you need to first establish a relationship with them. The connection is crucial since you will need them for a long time to come. At the same time, many companies have a great pricing program that is suitable for startups, but you may need to write a great business plan.

Marketing and Grand Opening

Let’s start by saying that a reasonable marketing budget should take up about 5 to 7% of gross sales in your first year. Anything above this rate may be too much for your business as you can also adjust it with time. As you strategize on the marketing, it is all towards the grand opening of the company. Remember that your local golfer shop is a local business that needs to start reaching its immediate environment. 

More so, you may want to start with a website and engage a local web marketing manager who can create a workable marketing plan. An example of the digital marketing method may be pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In modern times, another viable option may be adding your business to the Google My Business page. This feature makes it easy for local searchers to find your store if within their locality. At the start of your business, your primary marketing strategy is giving out free items and complimentary lessons and training. 

Recruiting Employees

Some of the vital lessons we learn from successful businessmen about recruitment are that they always look to employ people more intelligent than them. When your business starts running, the way to pull it to grow upwards is to recruit people who have much more technical skills than you and are willing to go all the way. In addition, they must be brimming with new ideas and giving them the right environment that can enhance their creativity and intuition.

One mistake some business owners make at the beginning is to get only cheap labor. There is a limit to which unskilled labor can benefit the business. Without the intellectual ability of these special categories of employees and their creativity, your business may lag behind for a long time to come. Suppose you create an impressive strategy in a well-structured plan. In that case, you can gently lead your business to achieve the predefined objectives. Synergize all the employees to achieve the same goal. 

Business Expansion to New Areas

As the business continues to grow, your plan must involve reaching into other communities with similar characteristics as the first one. Yet, it may have an untapped or unsaturated market for the items and services that your brand offer. Meanwhile, don’t allow the limitation of your present market to define or limit the potentials of this new market. Also, growth is imminent if you know what to do to get the right resources.

Expanding your business to other territories allows you to apply the lessons you learn from the initial interaction. Of course, not all the classes are transferrable, but you can definitely have a few ones that can still work. More so, take charge of your finance by ensuring that you maximize your opportunity, however peculiar it may be to any of your businesses. When you pay close attention to all company branches, you can then understand which aspects you need to improve. 

How to Start and Run a Golf Pro Shop


In summary, the basic methods of starting and running a pro golf shop include close monitoring of your business every year. However, suppose you manage the business inventory well regularly, say, monthly. In that case, there won’t be much to worry about for the end-of-the-year audit. In addition, acquire information and share experience with other business owners with their peculiar challenges and solutions. For instance, you can identify the marketing strategies that work for them and create your own marketing campaigns using them.

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